Foiling Podcast with Aussie Ambitions

Foiling Podcast with Aussie Ambitions

A few days ago I joined Aussie Ambitions at their studios for an informal chat at Scott’s invitation.

We spoke of life, the Universe and everything foiling. Come and join us armed with patience as we dwelve on the history of Foiling in Australia and my involvement in it. A planed short conversation evolved organically into an hour long chat where we covered different areas of Foiling, life, phylosophy and approach to business, my involvement with Liftfoils .. and lots of laughs, we sure had that.

Scott Springer is an incredibly smart and enthusiastic chap I had the pleasure of initiating into hydrofoiling. We met for an efoil class and immediately struck a friendship and business connection. From that originated the idea foir the Foiling Podcast.

I look forward to chatting further with Scott and dig deeper into Hydrofoiling and the different disciplines of this ‘new’ sport.

Thank you for listening. I’m including the Spotify link in case you get bored whatching the video – we didn’t seem to shut up LOL. Spotify

Leave me a few comments and suggest areas you would like me to expand on, I’m happy to share what I know and research any areas I missed.