5’4 Cuiser eFoil E3


At 5’4”, this board is still quite short, but offers all the stability that any rider will need.

When up in the air, it carves a beautiful turn that locks in with confidence.  If you’re new to watersports and you want to share the eFoil experience with friends and family, this is a great option that will offer absolute success.

Wing Combos. 

– The 200 Surf V2 / 48 Surf V2 is our recommended combination, offering a wide variety of ride experiences to any rider.

– Try the 250 Surf V2 / 48 Surf V2 if you are a larger rider or interested in staying out of the water all of the time.

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The 5’4 Cruiser eFoil E3 is a marvel in water sports technology. Equipped with cutting-edge features, this electric hydrofoil board revolutionizes the surfing experience.

Primarily, the 5’4 Cruiser eFoil E3 stands out due to its advanced design. Crafted with precision and expertise, it boasts a streamlined body that enhances its performance. The board’s sleek contours not only optimize speed but also ensure stability during rides.

Transitioning into its propulsion system, the eFoil E3 integrates a powerful electric motor that propels it through the water effortlessly. This motor, adeptly concealed within the board, operates quietly, allowing riders to relish the tranquility of the open waters.

Furthermore, the E3 incorporates state-of-the-art technology, setting it apart from conventional hydrofoil boards. Its intuitive control system, coupled with a wireless handheld remote, grants riders unprecedented command over their experience. With seamless controls, riders effortlessly adjust speed and maneuver with precision, making it an ideal choice for beginners and seasoned surfers alike.

In addition to its technological prowess, the 5’4 Cruiser eFoil E3 emphasizes safety. Built-in sensors constantly monitor the water conditions and board’s performance, ensuring a secure and enjoyable ride. This safety-oriented approach instills confidence in riders, allowing them to push their limits while feeling secure on the board.

Transitioning towards its versatility, the eFoil E3 transcends traditional surfing boundaries. Whether gliding across serene lakes or riding the waves of the open sea, this board adapts seamlessly to various water conditions. Its adaptability fosters a sense of adventure, encouraging riders to explore and discover new horizons in their aquatic journeys.

In conclusion, the 5’4 Cruiser eFoil E3 epitomizes innovation and excellence in the realm of water sports. Its advanced design, coupled with cutting-edge technology and a strong emphasis on safety, makes it a standout choice for enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating and reliable hydrofoil experience.

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