eFoil Sport4’9-White Hydrofoil-2nd hand

$20,495.00 $14,495.00

eFoil Sport 4’9 – White Dream ** 2nd hand **


– basically brand new – 5 RIDES – If I didn’t tell you it was used you’d never know !!! I challenge anyone to find a scratch.

A perfect board for everyone, 6k off original purchase  – priced to sell.

– Standard Propulsion kit – fixed prop and guard
– 200″ Surf front wing, coupled with a brand new 38″ back wing.
– NO bumps or scratches, anywhere – wings look unused.
– NEW bags and cases
– Full battery – 5 charges only

BONUS 1: FREE foiling lesson by eFoilgc Shool of Foiling on the Gold Coast

BONUS 2: FREE – Foiling leash Pink or blue.


  • Updated software to the latest versions – ESC / Remote / Battery
  • Motor runs like a swiss clock: – it is perfect
  • handles – as new
  • perfect deck and top condition – no marks


Comments: IT IS MINT !!! – Shipping Australia wide at buyers cost.

Call now, arrange a viewing !!!

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The eFoil Sport4’9-White Hydrofoil-2nd hand available as a second-hand purchase, presents an intriguing opportunity for water sports enthusiasts seeking a thrilling aquatic experience. Firstly, this hydrofoil model boasts remarkable features that make it a coveted choice. With its sleek design and durable build, it offers exceptional maneuverability and stability, granting riders the chance to glide gracefully above the water’s surface.

Transitioning to its second-hand nature, one might question its condition. Nonetheless, despite being pre-owned, this eFoil model stands out due to its impeccable maintenance and care by its previous owner. Consequently, it maintains peak performance, ensuring an exhilarating ride for its next user. Additionally, this second-hand option provides a cost-effective alternative for those aiming to delve into the world of hydrofoiling without breaking the bank.

eFoil Sport4’9-White Hydrofoil-2nd hand

Moreover, the advantages of purchasing a second-hand eFoil extend beyond financial considerations. By opting for a used model, buyers inherit the added benefit of insights gained from the previous owner’s experience. This knowledge might encompass riding techniques, maintenance tips, or even tricks to optimize performance, enriching the overall experience for the new user.

Transitioning back to the specifics of the Sport4’9-White Hydrofoil, its design and engineering warrant attention. Crafted with premium materials and precision, this hydrofoil guarantees a seamless transition between riding modes, catering to both beginners and experienced riders. Its intuitive controls and responsive nature allow for effortless navigation across varying water conditions.

In conclusion, the eFoil Sport4’9-White Hydrofoil, available as a second-hand purchase, encapsulates a blend of exceptional performance and affordability. Its well-maintained status ensures a thrilling aquatic experience while offering a cost-effective entry point into the world of hydrofoiling. This second-hand gem, equipped with valuable insights from its previous owner, stands poised to grant its new rider an exhilarating journey atop the water’s surface.



if you need to know more click here => https://efoilgc.com and for accessories click here =>https://estore.efoilgc.com/product-category/accessories/


Used, 2nd Hand and ex-Demo Hydrofoil Gear