Waveshark Jetboard Sport 2



The most powerful Electric Jetboard in the world – 2021 Red Dot Award Winner – WaveShark has been awarded, amongst others, the Red Dot Award, German ‘IF award‘, and the US ‘IDEA award‘, three of the world’s most prestigious design awards, in recognition of a complete package of superior design, engineering, ease-of-use and safety.

Discover and exhilarate new water sport on the fastest, safest, highest quality board on the market. with powerful motors, and heavy duty paint used on amphibious cars, the WaveShark Jetboard truly is the supercar of the sea.

Max Speed: 60 Kms/hr – in 3 seconds *
Battery: Life – 45 Mins *  -3.6 Kw

12.5kW ELECTRIC MOTOR – Surging Power off a high-performance pump-jet propulsion, combined with high-rate power cells and intelligent power management algorithms ensures consistent high-level power output.


Overcurrent Protection
Overvoltage Protection
Overcharge Protection
Overdischarge Protection

Short Circuit Protection
Temperature Protection
Balanced Charging
Battery Health Monitoring

BLUETOOTH REMOTE CONTROL – An intelligent remote control with three adjustable gears coupled with a magnetic kill switch that cuts power output provides maximum safety and control.


SOLID MATERIALS – Strict Quality Control. A plate body made of high-strength anti-corrosive carbon fiber combined with 192 quality tests provides industry-leading quality control.


MODULAR DESIGN – The body, propeller, battery, and other parts can be disassembled and replaced as independent components, greatly improving portability and reducing maintenance costs.


EMPOWERED BY LATEST TECHNOLOGY – Built-in GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou 4-mode GNSS global positioning system and ECU intelligent processor, dynamically calculate the remaining power, and the remote control vibrates to remind you to return in time.
GNSS, Smart Power Management, Dynamic Route Calculation, Remaining Power Alert, Vibrating Remote Control Alert, Smart Return Alert.
WAVESHARK APP – Intelligently record the voyage track and data, and with the App, it is easy to realize the exercise check-in and one-click sharing.
Support remote OTA upgrade to keep your device firmware up-to-date at any time.
100% ELECTRIC, ZERO EMISSIONS – Environmentally friendly with zero emissions.

* – time and speed vary depending on rider’s weight


Price is inclusive of Shipping / Delivery

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The Waveshark Jetboard Sport 2 is a cutting-edge aquatic device designed for thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Boasting innovative features and unparalleled performance, this jet-powered board offers an exhilarating experience unlike any other.

To begin with, the Waveshark Jetboard Sport 2 stands out due to its advanced propulsion system. Equipped with a powerful jet engine, this board enables riders to swiftly glide across the water’s surface with unmatched speed and agility. Consequently, riders can effortlessly maneuver through waves, performing daring tricks and maneuvers, thanks to its exceptional propulsion capabilities.

Moreover, its sleek and aerodynamic design contributes significantly to its superior performance. The streamlined build reduces drag, allowing riders to achieve higher speeds while maintaining stability and control. This design aspect not only enhances the board’s performance but also ensures a thrilling and safe experience for riders of varying skill levels.

Furthermore, the Waveshark Jetboard Sport 2 incorporates state-of-the-art technology for intuitive control and handling. With responsive controls and precise steering mechanisms, riders can navigate with precision, executing sharp turns and dynamic movements effortlessly. This technological integration enhances the overall experience, making it accessible and enjoyable for both beginners and seasoned riders.

Waveshark Jetboard Sport 2

Additionally, the Jetboard Sport 2 prioritizes safety features, making it a reliable choice for enthusiasts. Its built-in safety mechanisms, such as automatic shutoff in emergencies and intuitive handling, offer peace of mind while exploring the waters at high speeds.

In conclusion, the Waveshark Jetboard Sport 2 is a game-changer in the realm of water sports. With its cutting-edge propulsion, sleek design, advanced technology, and emphasis on safety, it offers an unparalleled experience for riders seeking adrenaline-pumping aquatic adventures. Whether you’re a novice looking to explore the thrill of jetboarding or an experienced rider seeking the next level of excitement, the Waveshark Jetboard Sport 2 delivers an unmatched blend of performance and exhilaration.


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