Upgrade your Lift eFoil with the new Lift Connect System (LCS) Propeller Kit, featuring an innovative click-and-lock mechanism, for easy interchanging of propeller components, without the need for tools.

Sharing your Lift eFoil with family and friends? Or have the conditions shifted from flat water to swells? The LCS components allow you to customize your ride effortlessly, while sharing the stoke with your crew.

Additionally, the LCS propellers are designed with a tapered hub and increased pitch angle on the blades, for increased efficiency, less drag, and optimal performance.

The LCS Fixed Aluminum Propeller Kit comes with all the hardware needed for a seamless installation. The LCS products are compatible with all Lift eFoils.


  • LCS Fixed Aluminum Propeller, your choice of Black or Gold
  • LCS Base Plate
  • LCS Shroud
  • LCS Tail Cone
  • Hardware Kit

The LCS Fixed Aluminium Propeller-Kit represents a groundbreaking advancement in marine technology. This innovative system enhances the performance and durability of boat propellers, providing a seamless transition between various operational modes. By integrating cutting-edge materials and precision engineering, this propeller kit ensures unparalleled efficiency and reliability in diverse water conditions.


To begin with, the LCS Fixed Aluminium Propeller-Kit boasts a series of remarkable features. Primarily, its seamless design facilitates smooth transitions between different speeds and maneuvers, optimizing the vessel’s performance. Additionally, the incorporation of high-grade aluminium ensures exceptional durability without compromising on weight, contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements.

Moreover, the transition to this propeller kit signifies a pivotal shift in the boating industry. Its advanced technology enables seamless shifts between cruising, acceleration, and deceleration, offering a more controlled and efficient boating experience. This transition is further underscored by its compatibility with various boat models, making it a versatile and sought-after upgrade for marine enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the LCS Fixed Aluminium Propeller-Kit stands out for its adaptability to diverse water conditions. Whether navigating through choppy seas or cruising along calm waters, this kit maintains consistent performance and stability. The transition from conventional propellers to this state-of-the-art system signifies a leap towards optimized performance and reliability on the water.

Additionally, the installation process itself marks a smooth transition for boat owners. The user-friendly design and compatibility of the LCS Fixed Aluminium Propeller-Kit ensure a hassle-free upgrade experience. This transition is further supported by comprehensive instructions and customer support, making the installation process straightforward and accessible.

In conclusion, the LCS Fixed Aluminium Propeller-Kit represents a transformative advancement in marine propulsion technology. With its seamless transitions, enhanced performance, and adaptability, this innovative kit heralds a new era in boating, promising improved efficiency, durability, and overall user experience on the water.

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