Triton Mnowing X-1 -Foiling Wings evolution

Triton X-1-Monowing complete set

THE WORLD’S FIRST PRODUCTION WING MONOFOIL X-1 foil set ONLY NEUTRAL STANCE FOIL ON THE MARKET ​ Wind range: 10-25+ knotsMax speed: >35kmph​Weight: 3.65kg (75cm) and <3.0kg for the carbon mast ​ 4 M8 x 40mm screws assemble the complete foil.Top and bottom sacrificial anodes to minimize corrosion.Proprietary low drag mast profile.Patent pending design from Triton’s proven...

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Triton Monowing T-1 - Web -top

Triton Monowing T-1 complete-set

Tight fast turns…less packing stuff…really fun and reactive.  – Gunnar Biniasch, world-class foiler and racer. ​ Triton’s T1 is truly a game changer. – Lauri, host of Our Kite Life  ​ Is this foil for me? If you can fly your foil in a straight line, you have the skill to unlock the T1’s exceptional ride. More...

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