Triton Monowing T-1 - Kitefoiling next evolved wing

Triton Monowing T-1 complete-set

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Tight fast turns…less packing stuff…really fun and reactive.  – Gunnar Biniasch, world-class foiler and racer. ​

Triton’s T1 is truly a game changer. – Lauri, host of Our Kite Life  ​

Is this foil for me?
If you can fly your foil in a straight line, you have the skill to unlock the T1’s exceptional ride. More advanced riders will find the T1 a much-appreciated change-up from the locked-in, straight-down-the-line feel of most traditional foils. Try a T1 and you will be hooked like hundreds of riders around the world.​Does this replace my foil?
Good question. We think it does. For more and more riders, the T1, not their traditional foil, is their first choice to ride.So how does it ride?
It’s way more turny and agile than a traditional foil. As a freestyle machine, it wants to do 360s and tacks naturally. It has front foot pressure just like a traditional foil. And its simply amazing in waves, eating up white water and putting you in the pocket effortlessly.  TECH SPECS
The wing surface area is 1700cm². There is no rear stabilizer, so treat the wing as if it was a standard foil with a smaller 1200cm²​ front wing. The T1 is a low-aspect wing like a B1 bomber. But don’t let that fool you. The T1 has an incredible low-end range and a top speed of 25+kts.
Aspect Ratio: Low
Size: 1708cm²
Weight: 1300g

What’s included in the Triton T1? 
The T1 foil set includes a mast base, mast, monowing, stainless steel pedestal and slot washers, and heavy-duty mast and wing sleeves to protect your investment in transit and on the beach.

$1349USD – complete foil set (includes mast and base plate)

Optional Accessories
Shim set. Two shims to change the angle of attack by 1 and 2 degrees. Compatible with the T1 base plate only.




At 3kg (85cm) complete with hardware, the T1 is incredibly light under your feet. Mounts to all 90mm track systems. 

silver line is the pedestal washer

pedestal washer
Stainless steel mounting surface protects the carbon fiberT1.

view from monowing bottom

slot washer

Stainless steel slot washer evenly distributes power.

Our slot key, slot washer, and pedestal washer are expensive to manufacture but totally worth it.


All carbon.

Four layers of carbon wrap around closed cell foam and a solid pedestal core for a durable, light, 1300g tacking monster.


NEW pedestal + slot washer.

A stainless steel washer protects the monowing from the mast while improving lateral stability. The stainless steel slot washer improves hold, hydrodynamics, and increases lateral stability.


HD sleeve included.

The thickly padded sleeve provides superb protection in your car and on the beach.

T1 MAST: 75cm or 85cm


T1 mast + nylon sleeve

6061 T6 aluminum.

Anodized 6061 T6 aluminum is the proven benchmark for durability, stiffness. 1354g for the 85cm and 1176 for the 75cm. 

Mast sleeve included.
Protect your mast in your car and on the beach with the durable mast sleeve that works nicely with your monowing sleeve. And never lose your mast bolts with the handy mast pocket.

mast bottom with SS mast key

mast key

Stainless steel slot key.

mast slot key in monowing

slot key

slot washer covering mast key

slot washer
A stainless steel mast key slips into the monowing slot improving the mast/wing connection, lateral stiffness, and durability. 



base plate

337 grams.

Despite its significant weight optimization, our base features a 9mm board plate. Hole pattern: 90mm x 103.5mm


6061 T6 aluminum.

The benchmark in stiffness, corrosion resistance, and durability.


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Absolutely, let’s dive into a comprehensive overview of the Triton Monowing T-1 complete set. This cutting-edge apparatus boasts a myriad of features, rendering it a pinnacle choice for diving enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Firstly, the Triton Monowing T-1 complete set encompasses a streamlined design, meticulously engineered for optimal performance. Transitioning from traditional diving equipment, this set revolutionizes the experience with its innovative configuration. The inclusion of high-grade materials ensures durability and reliability in various aquatic environments.

Moreover, the set’s ergonomic design promotes comfort, enabling extended diving sessions without discomfort or strain. Transitioning seamlessly between surface and depth, this equipment empowers divers to navigate effortlessly through underwater terrains, thanks to its intuitive handling.

Triton Monowing T-1 complete-set

The Triton Monowing T-1 complete set is augmented with state-of-the-art technology, fostering enhanced safety measures. Transitioning to this set means embracing advanced features such as integrated oxygen monitoring systems and real-time depth indicators, ensuring a secure and informed diving experience.

Furthermore, the adaptability of this set is remarkable. Transitioning between novice and seasoned divers, the Triton Monowing T-1 complete set accommodates varying skill levels, offering adjustable settings for buoyancy, pressure, and airflow.

Its versatility extends beyond functionality; the sleek design and modular components facilitate easy assembly and disassembly, enabling convenient transportation and storage. Transitioning from preparation to execution becomes a seamless process, enhancing overall efficiency.

The Triton Monowing T-1 complete set transcends conventional diving gear, marking a significant leap forward in underwater exploration. Transitioning to this set elevates the diving experience, marrying innovation, reliability, and comfort in one comprehensive package.

In conclusion, the Triton Monowing T-1 complete set stands as a testament to technological advancement in the realm of diving equipment. Transitioning to this set signifies embracing a new era of diving—a fusion of cutting-edge design, safety features, adaptability, and ease of use—setting a new standard for underwater enthusiasts worldwide.


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$2,456.00 Original price was: $2,456.00.$2,350.00Current price is: $2,350.00.