4’6′x34L Foil Surf Board


All round fun: 28” mast / 200 Surf V2 / 38 Surf V2

Pro Setup. 32” mast / 170 High Aspect / 32 Glide

(Carbon Foil Board only, mast and wings sold separately)


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A well-rounded board that offers paddle power, support and performance. It offers a locked- in feel with total maneuverability for all water conditions. This is our most popular size because seasoned surfers can adapt to its compactness relatively quickly. You will be the king of the lineup on this rig.

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The 4’6’x34L foil surfboard is a revolutionary addition to the surfing world. Its compact size, combined with a volume of 34 liters, makes it a high-performance board suited for advanced riders seeking agility and responsiveness in the waves. Transitioning from traditional surfboards to foil boards can be a thrilling experience for surfers looking to explore new dimensions in the sport.

Firstly, this foil board stands out due to its size, measuring 4’6’’. This compact shape allows for enhanced maneuverability and control, enabling surfers to navigate swiftly through the water. Transitioning from regular surfing to using a foil board of this size might initially feel challenging, yet the learning curve promises an exhilarating adventure.

Additionally, the volume of 34 liters on this foil board is strategically distributed, offering sufficient buoyancy for riders. The transition from paddling to catching waves becomes smoother, granting surfers more time to focus on mastering the art of riding a foil board. As the board’s buoyancy aids in lift, transitioning onto the foil becomes more intuitive, empowering riders to glide effortlessly above the water’s surface.

Moreover, the design and construction of this foil board contribute significantly to its performance. Transitioning between various wave conditions is seamless due to its streamlined shape, allowing surfers to adjust quickly to changing environments. The materials used in its construction ensure durability, crucial for the rigors of foil surfing.

4’6′x34L Foil Surf Board

In conclusion, the 4’6’x34L foil surfboard represents a transition towards a more dynamic and exhilarating surfing experience. Its compact size, optimal volume, and expert construction make it an excellent choice for experienced surfers seeking to push their boundaries and delve into the realm of foil surfing. While the transition to using this board might require an adjustment period, the rewards in terms of maneuverability, responsiveness, and overall surfing performance are unparalleled.


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