Back Wing-32 Glide V2



Lift’s Glide Series wings maximize efficiency and provide a smooth, ultra-efficient feel that is very balanced between the feet. These back wings are used best for linking waves while pumping or down-winding. They are also effective for maximizing battery life on the eFoil.

The 32 Glide Series Back Wing is sporty and fast. This wing offers less area and lower angle than the larger sized back wings, which equates to increased glide and faster speeds.


  • Surface Area: 32 in2 / 206 cm2
  • Fuselage Length: 11.2″


Suggested Front Wing Pairings:

  • 60 Surf V2
  • 100 Surf V2
  • 150 Surf V2
  • Our entire High Aspect lineup
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The Back Wing-32 Glide V2 is a cutting-edge addition to the realm of surf foiling. Firstly, this innovative wing boasts an improved design that enhances stability and control, making it a standout choice for both beginners and seasoned riders. Transitioning from the previous model, it presents a refined profile that amplifies its performance across various water conditions.

Moreover, the Back Wing-32 Glide V2 features an aerodynamic shape, allowing for smoother maneuverability in the water. Its streamlined design facilitates seamless transitions between waves, ensuring a fluid and exhilarating ride. Furthermore, the upgraded materials used in its construction contribute to increased durability without compromising its lightweight nature, thereby augmenting its longevity and usability.

In addition to its structural enhancements, this wing excels in providing enhanced lift, courtesy of its modified curvature and surface area. Consequently, riders experience improved lift-off and sustained flight, enabling them to catch waves effortlessly and glide across the water’s surface with grace. As a result, the Back Wing-32 Glide V2 becomes an indispensable asset for those seeking a thrilling and dynamic foiling experience.

Notably, the Back Wing-32 Glide V2 exhibits remarkable adaptability, seamlessly integrating with various foil setups. This adaptability is crucial for riders who prefer customization, enabling them to fine-tune their gear according to their preferences and riding style. Furthermore, its compatibility with a range of surf foil boards adds to its versatility, allowing riders to explore different combinations for an optimal experience.

Back Wing-32 Glide V2

Conclusively, the Back Wing-32 Glide V2 represents a pinnacle in surf foiling technology. Its enhanced features, combined with its adaptability and durability, redefine the foiling experience. Riders can confidently embrace this wing for its superior performance, maneuverability, and its ability to elevate their surfing adventures to new heights.


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