Back Wing-48 Surf V2



Lift’s Surf Series back wings are designed to make foiling easy and accessible for anyone– the perfect blend of stability and efficiency. Extended fuselage lengths and larger surface areas make these easy to ride and pairable with any front wing.

Our Surf Series back wings are best used for: Novice foilers in any realm–surfing, wake, winging, or kiting. We call them our “bread and butter” back wings for the eFoil.

The 48 Surf V2 Back Wing is our largest and most stable back wing. This wing provides great pitch stability, which makes for a smooth riding experience. Great for all foiling disciplines!

The 48 Surf V2 pairs well with the 200 Surf V2 and larger front wings.


  • Surface Area: 48 in2 / 310 cm2
  • Fuselage Length: 12.3″
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Surfing enthusiasts are constantly seeking innovation. Accordingly, the Back Wing-48 Surf V2 is a remarkable addition to the sport. To begin with, this wing boasts enhanced features that cater specifically to surf foiling. Notably, its design is meticulously crafted to optimize performance and maneuverability.

Primarily, this wing’s larger surface area is a standout feature. Consequently, it generates increased lift, allowing riders to catch waves more efficiently. Moreover, its refined shape and curvature contribute significantly to stability. As a result, surfers experience enhanced control and balance while riding the waves. Additionally, the Back Wing-48 Surf V2’s streamlined profile minimizes drag, thereby maximizing speed and responsiveness.

Transitioning to its construction, this wing is meticulously engineered using cutting-edge materials. Specifically, high-quality carbon fiber is utilized, ensuring durability without compromising on weight. Consequently, riders benefit from a robust wing that remains agile and responsive, even in varying surf conditions.

Furthermore, this wing seamlessly integrates with compatible surf foil setups. Coupled with its adaptable design, it allows for personalized adjustments to suit individual riding styles and preferences. Correspondingly, this adaptability enables riders to fine-tune their experience, catering to both beginners and advanced surfers alike.

In terms of compatibility, the Back Wing-48 Surf V2 complements a range of foil boards. Therefore, surfers have the flexibility to pair it with boards of their choice, amplifying the versatility of this wing.

To summarize, the Back Wing-48 Surf V2 stands as a pinnacle of innovation in surf foiling. With its enhanced lift, stability, and compatibility, it offers an unparalleled riding experience. Undoubtedly, this wing represents a leap forward in the pursuit of ultimate surfing performance and enjoyment


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