Classic Foil Mast 32-Mid



Lift’s masts may not look too different from previous generations, but we’ve fine-tuned the construction with a new proprietary premium carbon fiber blend for improved control and response. We’ve also dialed in the flex patterns of the materials—in our decade of creating foils, this process has emerged as the key to achieving the ultimate ride.

Lift’s carbon fiber 32″ Mast is perfect mast when the surf gets a little bigger and faster. The increased height provides more room for error, and allows you bank tight turns without your wing tips breaching the surface.

The 32″ Mast pairs really well with our High Aspect front wings.

Our 32″ Mast comes with a protective cover and all needed hardware.

NOTE: This is a mast only, to be used for classic (non eFoil) foiling only. If you have an eFoil, you need a propulsion system, which is a complete unit comprised of a mast, motor, and propeller.


  • 32″ Mast
  • Hardware Kit
  • Protective Cover
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The Classic Foil Mast 32-Mid is an integral component in the realm of hydrofoil surfing. Firstly, it epitomizes durability. Crafted from high-grade aluminum, this mast guarantees exceptional sturdiness and longevity, enduring the rigors of constant use in various water conditions. Moreover, its seamless construction ensures fluid movement through the water, facilitating a smooth and controlled surfing experience.

Transitioning to performance, the Classic Foil Mast 32-Mid stands out due to its versatility. Its 32-inch length strikes an optimal balance between stability and maneuverability, allowing surfers to navigate effortlessly across different wave sizes. Additionally, its moderate aspect ratio provides a harmonious blend of lift and control, enabling riders to execute precise turns and maneuvers with ease.

Furthermore, this mast offers adaptability. Compatible with an array of foil wings and boards, it accommodates diverse riding styles and skill levels. Its universal design seamlessly integrates with various setups, fostering a customizable experience tailored to individual preferences. Consequently, whether you’re a novice seeking stability or an advanced rider craving agility, the Classic Foil Mast 32-Mid caters to a spectrum of surfing needs.

Transitioning to safety features, this mast prioritizes rider security. Its meticulously engineered design minimizes drag and ensures enhanced stability, reducing the chances of abrupt, uncontrolled movements while surfing. This pivotal attribute instills confidence in riders, particularly those transitioning to hydrofoil surfing or aiming to refine their skills.

In conclusion, the Classic Foil Mast 32-Mid stands as an indispensable asset for hydrofoil enthusiasts. With its robust construction, adaptable nature, and emphasis on safety, it emerges as a pivotal component, enabling riders to explore the exhilarating realms of hydrofoil surfing with confidence and finesse.


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