Back Wing 33 Carve


Lift Foil’s Carve series DETAILS:

Lift’s Carve Series back wings feature a shorter fuselage length, winglets, and a positive angle on the tail wing. This allows for razor sharp turns, lots of grip, and a more feedback off the front foot. The Carve Series are high performance wings, but specifically for surfing and driving through tight turns.

The 33 Carve is our more stable Carve Series wing, for reliable tight turns and mobility, but with added drag (versus the 26 Carve).


Surface Area: 33 in2 / 213 cm2
Fuselage Length: 8.8″tail wings are high performance wings, but specifically for surfing and driving through tight turns.

The Back Wing 33 Carve is a revolutionary addition to the realm of skateboarding. Its innovative design not only enhances stability but also introduces a new dimension of control and maneuverability to skating. Transitioning seamlessly between movements becomes effortless with this remarkable gear.

Primarily, the Back Wing 33 Carve augments a skater’s prowess by providing unparalleled stability. This stability is pivotal in executing intricate tricks and maintaining balance during high-speed maneuvers. Furthermore, it serves as a foundation for advanced techniques, enabling skaters to explore new realms of creativity on the board.

Moreover, the transition between different skating styles becomes fluid and natural with the Back Wing 33 Carve. Whether switching from cruising to performing tricks or transitioning between various surfaces, this gear facilitates a seamless shift. The adaptability of this equipment ensures that skaters can effortlessly navigate diverse terrains, be it ramps, streets, or skate parks.

Additionally, the Back Wing 33 Carve amplifies control, allowing skaters to dictate their movements with precision. The integration of cutting-edge technology enhances responsiveness, empowering skaters to maneuver with unparalleled accuracy. This control is further bolstered by the gear’s ergonomic design, which aligns with the body’s movements, offering a symbiotic relationship between the skater and the board.

Furthermore, the Back Wing 33 Carve facilitates smooth transitions in learning curves for beginners. Its user-friendly design and stability instill confidence in newcomers, enabling them to progress rapidly in their skating journey. The gear’s adaptability and ease of use serve as a catalyst for novices, fostering a passion for skating.

In essence, the Back Wing 33 Carve revolutionizes the skateboarding experience through its emphasis on stability, seamless transitions, enhanced control, and facilitation of learning curves. It stands as a testament to innovation in the skating world, empowering enthusiasts to push boundaries and explore the art of skating in unprecedented ways.


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