Classic Remote Hand Controler



Our updated hand controller features ruggedized sealing and battery contacts, an upgraded trigger and spring assembly, and new data readouts.

The contorller is waterproof (IP68) with a custom handheld design featuring wireless Bluetooth 5, sophisticated trigger actuation, a display screen which allows you to adjust the settings of your board, and an adjustable hand strap.

Our hand controllers are shipped with (2) AA batteries, for more than 40 hours of ride time. Ready to pair to your board and fly!


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Remote hand controllers have revolutionized the way we interact with devices, offering a seamless experience across various gadgets. To begin with, these controllers provide unparalleled convenience. They enable users to effortlessly manipulate electronic devices from a distance, enhancing comfort and accessibility. Whether it’s adjusting the volume on a television or navigating through a gaming console, these controllers facilitate smooth operation with just a few clicks.

Moreover, remote hand controllers promote efficiency. Through their ergonomic design and intuitive interface, users can swiftly command multiple devices without the need to physically engage with each one separately. This streamlines tasks and optimizes time, a key advantage in our fast-paced world. Transitioning effortlessly between devices becomes second nature, thanks to the seamless connectivity and interoperability offered by these controllers.

Additionally, remote hand controllers foster versatility. Their adaptability across a spectrum of devices – from entertainment systems to smart home appliances – underscores their multifunctionality. Seamlessly switching between controlling a home thermostat to operating a drone underscores the wide-ranging capabilities of these innovative gadgets.

Furthermore, these controllers facilitate precision and accuracy. With responsive controls and advanced technology, users can manipulate devices with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring desired outcomes with minimal effort. The precision they offer elevates user experience to a new level, whether it’s navigating a presentation or executing complex maneuvers in a video game.

In conclusion, remote hand controllers have emerged as indispensable tools in our tech-driven lives. Their convenience, efficiency, versatility, and precision redefine the way we interact with our devices. As technology continues to advance, these controllers will likely evolve, further enhancing our ability to seamlessly control and navigate the ever-expanding array of electronic devices that enrich our daily lives.


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