LCS Folding Prop Back Folded




Upgrade your Lift eFoil with the new Lift Connect System (LCS) propeller, featuring an innovative click-and-lock mechanism, for easy interchanging of propeller components, without the need for tools.

Sharing your Lift eFoil with family and friends? Or have the conditions shifted from flat water to swells? The LCS components allow you to customize your ride effortlessly, while sharing the stoke with your crew.

Additionally, the LCS propellers are designed with a tapered hub and increased pitch angle on the blades, which equates to less drag and greater speeds. You can feel the difference on the first ride!

The LCS Folding Aluminum Propeller Kit comes with all the hardware needed for a seamless installation. The LCS products are compatible with all Lift eFoil models.


  • LCS Folding Aluminum Propeller


Note: If used without a shroud, this propeller can be dangerous and is for advanced riders only! Riding with a propeller without a protective cover greatly increases the risk of injury and/or death.



The LCS Folding Propeller stands as a pinnacle of maritime engineering, showcasing not just efficiency but also a commitment to innovation. Crafted with precision and employing cutting-edge technology, this propeller revolutionizes maritime propulsion, offering unparalleled performance in both power and sustainability.


embodies versatility. Its design seamlessly adapts to varying navigational conditions, optimizing efficiency in both calm waters and turbulent seas. Through its ingenious engineering, this propeller transitions effortlessly between different modes, adjusting blade angles to maximize thrust while minimizing resistance. As a result, vessels equipped with the LCS Folding Propeller experience enhanced maneuverability, ensuring smoother sailing across diverse maritime terrains.

Moreover, the LCS Folding Propeller champions durability. Constructed with high-grade materials and employing advanced manufacturing techniques, it guarantees resilience against wear and tear, thereby prolonging its operational lifespan. This durability is further accentuated by its ability to withstand harsh environmental factors, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging marine environments.

Furthermore, the LCS Folding Propeller promotes eco-friendliness. Its design prioritizes fuel efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and overall environmental impact. By optimizing the transfer of power from the vessel’s engine to propulsion, it minimizes fuel consumption, aligning with modern sustainability goals in the maritime industry.

In addition to its functional prowess, the LCS Folding Propeller exemplifies reliability. Through meticulous quality control measures and rigorous testing, it ensures consistent performance, instilling confidence in vessel operators and owners alike. Its reliability becomes a cornerstone of operational success, minimizing downtime and maximizing the efficiency of maritime operations.

In conclusion, the LCS Folding Propeller stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in maritime technology. Its versatility, durability, eco-friendliness, and reliability converge to redefine propulsion systems, setting a new standard for efficiency and performance on the high seas. Embracing this cutting-edge technology is not just a choice but a strategic imperative for vessels aiming to sail towards a more efficient, sustainable, and productive future.



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