LIFT4 eFoils - Size Guide

Size guide for the LIFTFOILS Series 4 eFoils:

  1. LIFT4 2023 4'2 04 Lime Light
    LIFT4 2023 4'2 04 Lime Light

    4'2 PRO:

    • Length: 4 feet 2 inches
    • Rider Level: Advanced/Pro
    • Characteristics: The 4'2 PRO is designed for experienced riders who are looking for maximum maneuverability and responsiveness. Its shorter length allows for quick turns and agile movements on the water. This model is ideal for those who want to push the limits of eFoiling and perform advanced tricks.





LIFT4 2023 4'9 04 Race Red Metallic
LIFT4 2023 4'9  Race Red Metallic

  1. 4'9 SPORT:
    • Length: 4 feet 9 inches
    • Rider Level: Intermediate to Advanced
    • Characteristics: The 4'9 SPORT strikes a balance between stability and maneuverability, making it suitable for riders who have some experience but are not necessarily experts. This model offers a stable platform for riders to comfortably learn and progress their eFoiling skills. It's a versatile choice for various water conditions.








  1. 5'4 CRUISER:

    LIFT4 2023 5'4 04 Carbon Black
    LIFT4 2023 5'4 Carbon Black

    • Length: 5 feet 4 inches
    • Rider Level: Beginner to Intermediate
    • Characteristics: The 5'4 CRUISER is the most stable and beginner-friendly option in the Series 4 lineup. Its longer length provides added stability, making it easier for riders to learn and enjoy the eFoiling experience. This model is great for those who are new to eFoiling or prefer a more relaxed ride.




Remember, choosing the right size depends on your skill level, riding preferences, and the type of experience you're looking for on the water. Always consider factors like your weight, balance, and comfort level when making a decision. Safe eFoiling!

Size Guide 1


All dimensions are given in inches

EFOIL-MAST & MOTOR 28(no case)


Carbon Fiber Mast 28″ + eFoil Motor


– This is a Mast & Motor propulsion Unit – with Standard Aluminium Propeller & Shroud
– No case

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Size Guide

EFOIL-MAST & MOTOR 28(no case) technology has revolutionized water sports, offering an exhilarating experience like no other. At the heart of this innovation lies the eFoil-mast and motor 28, critical components that enable the graceful gliding over water surfaces.

The eFoil-mast serves as the backbone of the entire apparatus. Firstly, it provides structural integrity, supporting the rider’s weight and balancing the eFoil board. Additionally, it determines the depth at which the eFoil operates, regulating the lift and control. Moreover, its sleek design reduces drag, enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of the eFoil.

Complementing the mast’s function is the powerful motor 28, the powerhouse driving this aquatic adventure. Primarily, the motor 28 generates the necessary thrust to propel the eFoil, allowing riders to swiftly navigate across the water. Furthermore, its precision engineering ensures a smooth and stable ride, amplifying the rider’s experience.

Transitioning into the technical aspects, the eFoil-mast and motor 28 work in tandem, creating a seamless synergy. Firstly, the motor 28 seamlessly integrates with the mast, utilizing its structure to optimize power distribution and efficiency. Consequently, this fusion results in a harmonious balance between power and control, crucial for a thrilling yet safe ride.

Moreover, in terms of customization, these components offer versatility. Users can choose different mast lengths, catering to varying skill levels and preferences. Similarly, the motor 28 comes with adjustable settings, allowing riders to fine-tune speed and responsiveness, further personalizing their experience.

Notably, advancements in materials and engineering have continually enhanced these components. Carbon fiber construction in the eFoil-mast ensures lightweight durability, while the motor 28 undergoes continuous refinement for increased power efficiency and reliability.

In conclusion, the eFoil-mast and motor 28 form the core of eFoil technology, harmonizing structural stability, power, and customization. As the technology evolves, these components continue to push the boundaries, redefining water sports and providing enthusiasts with an electrifying aquatic escapade.

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Propeller types

Fixed Aluminium Propeller + Shroud, LCS Fixed Propeller + Shroud, Black, LCS Folding Propeller, Black, LCS Fixed Propeller + Shroud, Gold, Folding Propeller

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