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Folding Propeller



Our innovative folding propeller for the eFoil. The folding propeller’s two blades are designed to rapidly fold back when you release the throttle on the hand controller, reducing drag through the water. This added efficiency allows the rider to substantially preserve battery life while using the power of the surf to glide and fly.

The folding propeller is an amazing accessory when you’re eFoiling into surf and swells. Easy to interchange between your standard propeller, allowing you to best match the water conditions and desired ride experience.

The folding propeller comes with all hardware needed for installation onto your eFoil motor.

Note: If used without a guard, this propeller can be dangerous and is for advanced riders only! Riding with a propeller without a protective cover greatly increases the risk of injury and/or death.



  • Folding Propeller
  • Tail Cone (replaces the shroud)
  • Hardware
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Folding propellers are a pivotal component in maritime technology. These propellers, characterized by their collapsible blades, offer significant advantages over fixed alternatives. Firstly, they ensure efficiency. When not in use, folding propellers streamline the vessel’s movement, reducing drag and enhancing speed. As the vessel accelerates, these propellers pivot and extend their blades to maximize thrust, facilitating smooth sailing.

Transitioning to their design, folding propellers consist of blades that fold back against the drive shaft. This configuration enables seamless adaptation to changing conditions. Unlike fixed propellers, which can be prone to damage in shallow waters or during docking, folding variants offer versatility. They can retract to minimize the risk of impact, ensuring both safety and longevity.

Moreover, the flexibility of folding propellers extends beyond mere adaptability. Their design contributes to improved fuel efficiency, a critical aspect in maritime operations. By reducing resistance in non-propulsion moments, these propellers optimize the vessel’s fuel consumption, resulting in economical benefits and reduced environmental impact.

Transitioning further to the operational realm, the functionality of folding propellers is particularly notable in sailboats and yachts. Sailors benefit from the reduced drag when sailing without engine power. As they switch to engine propulsion, these propellers seamlessly engage, providing the necessary thrust without compromising the vessel’s performance.

Furthermore, in scenarios where maneuverability is paramount, such as navigating through narrow channels or docking in tight spaces, folding propellers shine. Their ability to retract minimizes the risk of entanglement or damage to both the propeller and surrounding structures.

In conclusion, folding propellers represent a technological advancement that combines adaptability, efficiency, and maneuverability. They offer a strategic solution for vessels seeking enhanced performance, reduced resistance, and increased durability in various maritime settings.

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