eFoil Pro4’2-Carbon Black-2nd hand

$20,495.00 Original price was: $20,495.00.$13,950.00Current price is: $13,950.00.

eFoil Pro 4’2 – Carbon Black ** 2nd hand **


– basically brand new – 10 rides maximum

A perfect board for a competent rider 6k off original purchase  – priced to sell.

– 170″ High Aspect front wing, coupled with a brand new 32″ back wing.
– NO bumps or scratches, anywhere – wings look unused.
– NEW bags and cases
– 10 charges only battery

BONUS 1: FREE foiling lesson by eFoilgc Shool of Foiling on the Gold Coast

BONUS 2: FREE – Foiling leash Black.


  • Updated software to the latest versions – ESC / Remote / Battery
  • Motor runs like a swiss clock: – it is perfect
  • handles – as new
  • perfect deck and top condition


Comments: IT IS MINT !!! – Shipping Australia wide at buyers cost.

Call now, arrange a viewing !!!

Available on backorder

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Purchasing a second-hand eFoil Pro4’2-Carbon Black-2nd hand can be an exciting prospect for water sports enthusiasts seeking an advanced and thrilling experience. Transitioning into the realm of electric hydrofoil surfing, the Pro4’2 Carbon Black offers a unique blend of innovation and performance, making it a sought-after choice among riders.

Firstly, considering the acquisition of a second-hand eFoil presents numerous advantages. Foremost, it often translates to a more cost-effective investment compared to buying a brand-new model. This can be especially beneficial for those looking to experience the exhilarating sensation of hydrofoil surfing without breaking the bank. Moreover, purchasing from the secondary market might also offer a wider selection of options, allowing buyers to choose from various models, colors, or even accessories that might not be readily available in retail stores.

eFoil Pro4’2-Carbon Black-2nd hand

Transitioning to the specifics of the eFoil Pro4’2 Carbon Black, its reputation precedes it. Renowned for its durability and top-notch performance, this model is designed to elevate the riding experience. With its carbon black finish exuding sophistication, this eFoil boasts enhanced maneuverability, stability, and speed. Transitioning from traditional surfing to the electric hydrofoil experience might initially pose a learning curve, but with the Pro4’2 Carbon Black, riders can expect a smooth transition due to its user-friendly design and intuitive controls.

Furthermore, when considering a second-hand purchase, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough inspection. Transitioning from seller to buyer involves ensuring the eFoil’s structural integrity, checking for any signs of wear or damage, and verifying the functionality of critical components such as the battery, motor, and controller. Engaging in this meticulous examination can provide peace of mind and ensure a seamless transition into enjoying the water.

In conclusion, the eFoil Pro4’2 Carbon Black, even as a second-hand option, represents an enticing opportunity for enthusiasts eager to delve into electric hydrofoil surfing. Transitioning into this exhilarating water sport with a well-maintained, high-performance eFoil model can offer an affordable gateway to an unforgettable aquatic experience.


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Used, 2nd Hand and ex-Demo Hydrofoil Gear

$20,495.00 Original price was: $20,495.00.$13,950.00Current price is: $13,950.00.

Available on backorder