Classic Foil Mast-36 Sail



Lift’s masts may not look too different from previous generations, but we’ve fine-tuned the construction with a new proprietary premium carbon fiber blend for improved control and response. We’ve also dialed in the flex patterns of the materials—in our decade of creating foils, this process has emerged as the key to achieving the ultimate ride.

Lift’s 36″ Mast is our longest mast size. The mast is great for towing into larger surf or riding behind a kite. If you want the maximum ride height while still maintaining performance, this is your mast.

The 36″ Mast comes with a protective cover and all needed hardware.

NOTE: This is a mast only, to be used for classic (non eFoil) foiling only. If you have an eFoil, you need a propulsion system, which is a complete unit comprised of a mast, motor, and propeller.


  • 36″ Mast
  • Hardware Kit
  • Protective Cover


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The classic Foil Mast-36 Sail remains a stalwart choice for sailing enthusiasts, revered for its unparalleled performance and reliability. Crafted with precision and finesse, this sail embodies the pinnacle of sailing technology. To begin with, its design boasts a seamless integration of durability and agility, catering to both novice sailors and seasoned professionals.

Transitioning into its construction, the Foil Mast-36 Sail utilizes high-grade materials meticulously engineered for optimal efficiency. Furthermore, its aerodynamic profile ensures enhanced speed, allowing sailors to harness the wind’s power to glide effortlessly across the water. Coupled with this, the sail’s lightweight structure reduces drag, enabling swift maneuverability even in challenging conditions.

In terms of adaptability, this sail shines brightly. Seamlessly transitioning from calm breezes to gusty winds, it maintains stability and control, providing a consistent and exhilarating sailing experience. Moreover, its versatility allows for easy adjustment, accommodating various sailing styles and preferences.

Transitioning to its impact on performance, the Foil Mast-36 Sail consistently delivers exceptional results. Its innovative design minimizes energy loss, maximizing the transfer of power from wind to sail. Consequently, sailors experience heightened responsiveness and increased propulsion, elevating their overall performance on the water.

Moving forward, the sail’s ergonomic features enhance comfort during extended sailing sessions. Its user-friendly design reduces strain on the sailor, ensuring a more enjoyable and sustainable experience. Additionally, the sail’s intuitive controls enable quick and precise adjustments, empowering sailors to optimize their performance effortlessly.

In conclusion, the classic Foil Mast-36 Sail stands as a testament to excellence in sailing technology. With its unparalleled construction, adaptability, and performance-enhancing features, it remains an indispensable choice for sailors seeking the perfect blend of reliability and performance on the open seas.

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