Front Wing - 60 Surf V2 - Side
Front Wing - 60 Surf V2 - inverted
Front Wing - 60 Surf V2 - with bag




The Lift 60 Surf V2 Front Wing is a wing designed specifically for big wave surfing. It’s small, aerodynamic, and the fastest wing in the Lift lineup. When you see serious riders taking on major waves at high speeds on Lift hardware, they’re riding a 60 Surf or close custom variant.

The 60 Surf Series V2 comes with our premium wing bag, for protection and easy transport. Back wings sold separately.

Best for: Professional foilers taking on serious challenges.


  • Aspect Ratio: 6.0
  • Area: 60 in2 / 390 cm2
  • Wingspan: 22″

The Front Wing-60 Surf V2 revolutionizes the surfing experience, embodying innovation at its core. Crafted with precision and engineered for performance, this cutting-edge wing redefines fluidity and control in the waves.

To start, the Front Wing-60 Surf V2 boasts enhanced aerodynamics, optimizing lift and stability. As a result, riders can effortlessly glide across the water’s surface, propelled by the slightest gusts or waves. Transitioning between maneuvers becomes seamless due to its streamlined design, ensuring a harmonious flow between turns and jumps.

Moreover, its versatility is unparalleled. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, the Front Wing-60 Surf V2 accommodates various skill levels. Its adaptability allows riders to experiment with different styles and techniques, fostering growth and progression in their surfing journey.


Furthermore, the integration of advanced materials ensures durability without compromising performance. This wing’s construction is built to withstand the rigors of intense wave action, maintaining its peak functionality even in challenging conditions. Transitioning from aggressive aerials to smooth carving becomes effortless, thanks to its resilient build.

The Front Wing-60 Surf V2’s innovation extends beyond its structural elements. Its intuitive design incorporates responsive features that amplify rider control. Seamlessly transitioning from high-speed runs to tight turns empowers surfers with a sense of mastery over their movements, enhancing the overall surfing experience.

Additionally, its compatibility with various board setups allows riders to customize their rig, adapting it to individual preferences and surfing styles. This adaptability ensures a smooth transition for riders accustomed to different board configurations, encouraging experimentation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the water.

In conclusion, the Front Wing-60 Surf V2 embodies a new era in surfing technology. With its seamless transitions between maneuvers, unparalleled versatility, durability, and rider-centric design, it’s a testament to innovation and performance in the world of water sports.


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