72 LC Front Wing top view
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Front Wing-72 LCX



The 72 LCX is built to chase monsters. Developed with feedback from Laird Hamilton and Benny Ferris, the goal of this wing was simple: to allow them to ride the biggest waves in the world with control.

Don’t let the surface area fool you; the top end on this wing is higher than the 60 Surf V2. Low camber and modest surface area allow for mind-melting speeds with plenty of stability and control.


  • Aspect Ratio: 12.1
  • Surface Area: 72 in2 / 465 cm2
  • Wingspan: 24″ / 61 cm
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The Front Wing-72 LCX is a pivotal advancement in aerodynamic engineering. Crafted with precision and innovation, this aerodynamic component revolutionizes the performance and handling of high-speed vehicles. By integrating cutting-edge technology and design, this wing enhances downforce while minimizing drag, resulting in unparalleled efficiency on the track.

Primarily, the Front Wing-72 LCX bolsters a vehicle’s aerodynamic profile. Notably, it optimizes airflow around the vehicle, ensuring a seamless trajectory with minimal air resistance. This is achieved through its sleek, contoured design, which reduces turbulence and enhances the vehicle’s overall stability. Consequently, drivers experience heightened control and responsiveness, crucial for navigating challenging corners and sharp turns.

Moreover, the transition to the Front Wing-72 LCX marks a significant leap in racing performance. Seamlessly, this component enhances cornering capabilities, allowing vehicles to maintain higher speeds through curves. Consequently, drivers can seamlessly transition between corners, leveraging the improved downforce and grip generated by this wing.

Furthermore, the integration of innovative materials and engineering techniques elevates the efficiency of the Front Wing-72 LCX. For instance, carbon fiber construction enhances its strength while keeping the weight minimal, contributing to the vehicle’s agility and overall performance. Additionally, the wing’s adjustability and adaptability offer a spectrum of settings, catering to diverse track conditions and driving preferences.

Simultaneously, the Front Wing-72 LCX augments safety measures. Its design prioritizes stability, reducing the risk of loss of control, even at high speeds or under challenging weather conditions. The enhanced aerodynamic properties provide drivers with a secure and predictable driving experience, mitigating risks and ensuring optimal performance.

In conclusion, the Front Wing-72 LCX stands as a pinnacle in aerodynamic advancements, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge design and technology. Its impact on vehicle performance, handling, and safety is profound, marking a new era in the realm of high-speed automotive engineering. As a cornerstone of aerodynamic innovation, this wing redefines the boundaries of performance and efficiency on the track.


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