ESC EBOX Lift4 board
ESC EBOX Lift4 board top

Lift4 EBOX (ESC)



The eBox is the brain of the eFoil. It is ready to install into the board’s hatch compartment and comes complete with cooling line connections, mounting plate, power connector, and data cable so you can plug in and ride.

This latest iteration of the eBox features an all-new motor controller which uses our proprietary Lift Quiet Ride Technology. The result is an incredibly efficient eFoil that operates in near silence. 

The LIFT4 eBox is compatible with the LIFT4 eFoil as well as our fiberglass boards (LIFT3 F or New LIFT3 F). If you have another Lift model, you’ll need the LIFT3 eBox, which can be found in our online store. 


  • LIFT4 eBox w/ mounting plate and hardware 
  • Fischer (5-pin) Data Cable 

If you have an ODU (8-pin) connector you will need an adapter.

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Lift4 EBOX (ESC), also known as ESC (Electronic Speed Controller), plays a pivotal role in modern electric vehicles and robotics. This technology facilitates seamless control of the motor’s speed and direction, ensuring precision and efficiency in its operation. Transitioning between various functions and aspects, ESCs are integral components that optimize performance.

Primarily, Lift4 EBOX (ESC) manages the flow of electricity to the motor, enabling smooth acceleration and deceleration. Transitioning from stationary to motion, ESCs facilitate gradual speed changes, preventing abrupt jerks and ensuring a steady start. Through this gradual acceleration, it enhances both the efficiency and longevity of the motor.

Moreover, ESCs feature diverse modes, transitioning between them to meet different operational needs. For instance, they offer forward and reverse modes, allowing vehicles or robotics to change directions seamlessly. Transitioning between these modes is critical for applications requiring versatile movement capabilities.

Furthermore, Lift4 EBOX (ESC) incorporates advanced safety features, smoothly transitioning between states to protect the system and users. Overcurrent protection prevents damage by interrupting the power flow during excessive current spikes. Overheat protection ensures a smooth transition by shutting down the system if temperatures exceed safe limits, averting potential hazards.

Additionally, ESCs enable precise control, transitioning smoothly between speed levels or torque settings. This precision is invaluable in applications where accuracy and responsiveness are paramount, such as remote-controlled vehicles or robotic arms.

Transitioning seamlessly between different power sources is another essential aspect of ESC functionality. Whether it’s switching between battery packs or integrating with renewable energy sources like solar panels, ESCs ensure a smooth transition to optimize power usage and maintain consistent performance.

In conclusion, Lift4 EBOX, or ESC, functions as the nerve center of motor control, orchestrating smooth transitions between various operational states. Its versatility, precision, safety features, and seamless transitions make it an indispensable component in the world of electric vehicles, robotics, and various other applications requiring sophisticated motor control.


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