Wing Fuselage Extender 3'

Wing Fuselage Extender 3



In an effort to maximize the fine-tuning options on your hydrofoil, we offer the fuselage extender. Simply put, the fuselage extender allows you to lengthen the distance between your front and rear wing, leading to enhanced pitch stability. We refer to pitch stability as the sensitivity of your foil fore and aft (up and down).


This extender leads to a more stable ride, drawn out carves, and allows for a slightly slower pumping cadence. The fuselage extender is a unique way to increase pitch stability, without using a larger tail wing (which creates greater drag).


The fuselage extender works effectively with our back wings with shorter fuselage lengths, like the Carve Series. It also provides maximum ease of use for beginner/intermediate riders with our larger tail wings in the Surf and Glide series.


The fuselage extender is compatible with all Lift wings and can be utlized across all foil disciplines.

The Wing Fuselage Extender 3 (WFE3) represents a pivotal advancement in aircraft design. By seamlessly integrating with the wing and fuselage, this innovation revolutionizes aerodynamics, structural integrity, and operational efficiency. Through a comprehensive analysis of its features, one can appreciate its transformative impact on aviation.

To begin with, the WFE3 introduces a harmonious connection between the wing and fuselage, enhancing aerodynamic performance. Transitioning from the wing to the fuselage with unparalleled fluidity, this extender mitigates drag and improves overall airflow. Consequently, aircraft equipped with WFE3 experience reduced air resistance, enabling smoother flights and optimal fuel efficiency.

Moreover, the integration of this extender fortifies structural strength while maintaining a lightweight profile. By distributing loads more effectively between the wing and fuselage, the WFE3 bolsters the aircraft’s structural integrity. Transitioning stress and forces seamlessly, it ensures a balanced distribution, minimizing strain and enhancing safety during various flight conditions.

Furthermore, the WFE3 implementation offers a seamless transition from design to manufacturing, optimizing production processes. Its streamlined integration with existing aircraft models facilitates easier retrofitting, reducing costs and time for fleet upgrades. Transitioning from conventional designs to incorporating the WFE3 becomes a smoother and more cost-effective endeavor for airlines.

Additionally, the WFE3 stands as a testament to technological innovation, paving the way for future advancements in aerospace engineering. Transitioning from traditional designs, this extender signifies a leap forward in aircraft design, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and performance.

In conclusion, the Wing Fuselage Extender 3 emerges as a transformative breakthrough in aviation technology. Its seamless integration between the wing and fuselage not only optimizes aerodynamics and structural integrity but also signifies a pivotal transition toward more efficient and cost-effective aircraft designs. As aviation continues to evolve, the WFE3 stands as a beacon, guiding the transition towards a new era of flight technology.

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