Back Wing-25 Glide V2



Lift’s Glide Series wings maximize efficiency and provide a smooth, ultra-efficient feel that is very balanced between the feet. These back wings are used best for linking waves while pumping or down-winding. They are also effective for maximizing battery life on the eFoil.

The 25 Glide Back Wing is a shop favorite for pure speed and efficiency. It’s a high-performance wing, great for pumping and fast and loose turning.

While this particular wing is not recommended for the eFoil, the 25 Glide V2 is amazing for surfing.


  • Surface Area: 25 in2 / 161 cm2
  • Fuselage Length: 10.6″


Suggested Front Wing Pairings:

  • 60 Surf V2
  • 100 Surf V2
  • 150 Surf V2
  • Our entire High Aspect lineup
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The Back Wing-25 Glide V2 is a remarkable innovation in the realm of aviation technology. This advanced model is equipped with cutting-edge features, allowing for superior performance and efficiency. Firstly, its sleek design enables optimal aerodynamics, significantly enhancing its overall maneuverability. Transitioning from the previous version, the Glide V2 integrates enhanced materials and engineering, resulting in superior flight capabilities.

Moreover, the incorporation of innovative propulsion systems marks a significant advancement in this model. Transitioning from traditional engines, the Glide V2 adopts a more efficient and eco-friendly power source, reducing fuel consumption while maximizing thrust. This transition not only improves the aircraft’s sustainability but also increases its speed and range.

Furthermore, the transition to a more advanced navigation system greatly enhances the pilot’s control and precision during flight. The Glide V2 seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art navigation technology, allowing for smoother transitions between different flight modes. This upgrade significantly improves the overall flying experience and safety measures for both pilots and passengers.

In addition to its technical advancements, the transition to a more user-friendly interface is a standout feature of the Back Wing-25 Glide V2. The cockpit design has undergone a significant transition, incorporating intuitive controls and user-friendly displays. This transition not only simplifies operation but also reduces the cognitive workload on the pilot, enabling them to focus more on the flight itself.

Overall, the Back Wing-25 Glide V2 represents a seamless transition from its predecessor, integrating a myriad of technological advancements. These transitions span across various aspects, from aerodynamics to propulsion systems, navigation, and user interface. The collective impact of these transitions results in a state-of-the-art aircraft that sets new benchmarks in efficiency, performance, and user experience within the aviation industry.


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