4’4 x 44L Wing Foil Board


Pairs well with 32” mast / 120 HA / 32 Glide. Only board included in this product, wing, mast and back sold separately.


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The smallest pro board in the fleet. This deck was designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing the ability to water start with a small sail in average winds. Its 44 liter volume is enough to float you to the surface and get moving, while the reduced length is truly performance-driven and ultra-manoeuvrable when locking into the surf. You’ll feel the magic on the 4-4 x 44.

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4'4-Surf-Foil-B-Green-top4'4-Surf-Foil-B-Green-bottom 4'4-Surf-Foil-B-Black-Bottom4'4-Surf-Foil-B-Black-top4'4-Surf-Foil-B-Gray-Bottom

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