4’0x28L Surf Foil Board


This is our pro board, designed to do it all. Its compact size makes the ride feel extremely agile and light while allowing you to pump more efficiently. Meanwhile, its 28 liter volume gives you enough floatation to paddle and catch an array of waves. This board also comes with strap inserts, just in case you want to get radical and get some air time.

A personal favorite for all Lift team riders.

A pro model that can be used for virtually everything: wake, tow, and kite.

The smaller platform allows for aggressive turning and less swing weight in the nose, along with easier pumping and faster RPMs.

Ideal for riders 130 – 185 lbs.




Our signature surf foil boards will complete your foil lineup with style, providing the perfect balance for ultimate performance.

The carbon fiber construction is lightweight, offers an impressive response, and is durable enough for years of heavy use.

(Foil and Mast not included)


Mast: Pair this board with a 28” or 32” mast, depending on wave size.

Wings: Try the 100, 150, 200 Surf. All high aspect wings work amazingly well with this board.

All around fun: 28” Mast / 170 HA / 32 Glide.

For the pros: 32” mast / 120 HA / 25 Glide.

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Surfing enthusiasts often seek innovation and precision in their equipment, leading to the emergence of the 4’0x28L Surf Foil Board. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this board represents a leap forward in hydrodynamic design.

To begin with, the 4’0x28L Surf Foil Board boasts remarkable agility. Its compact size allows for swift maneuverability in the water, enabling surfers to navigate even the most challenging waves with ease. Moreover, its lightweight construction contributes to effortless handling, facilitating quick transitions between movements.

Additionally, this board excels in stability, a crucial factor for surfers seeking optimal control. Through advanced engineering, the 4’0x28L Surf Foil Board integrates a balanced weight distribution, providing riders with a stable platform to ride waves and execute tricks flawlessly. Consequently, novices and experts alike can revel in its stability, enhancing their surfing experience.

Furthermore, the 4’0x28L Surf Foil Board stands out for its versatility. Whether in small swells or larger waves, this board adapts seamlessly, showcasing its adaptability to varying water conditions. Its design allows surfers to explore different styles, from riding the face of the wave to smoothly transitioning into foil surfing, expanding the horizons of surfing possibilities.

In terms of performance, this board truly shines. Its streamlined shape and enhanced hydrodynamics reduce drag significantly, amplifying speed and responsiveness. Consequently, surfers experience an exhilarating ride, effortlessly gliding across waves while maintaining exceptional control.

In conclusion, the 4’0x28L Surf Foil Board represents a paradigm shift in the realm of surfing equipment. With its agile, stable, versatile, and high-performance features, it caters to the diverse needs of surfers, pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in the sport. As surfing evolves, this board stands as a testament to innovation and excellence, revolutionizing the surfing experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

4’0x28L Surf Foil Board



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