4’4x44L Wing Foil Board


Pairs well with 32” mast / 120 HA / 32 Glide. Only board included in this product, wing, mast and back sold separately.


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The smallest pro board in the fleet. This deck was designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing the ability to water start with a small sail in average winds. Its 44 liter volume is enough to float you to the surface and get moving, while the reduced length is truly performance-driven and ultra-manoeuvrable when locking into the surf. You’ll feel the magic on the 4-4 x 44.

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The 4’4x44L Wing Foil Board is a marvel designed to revolutionize wing foiling. Its compact dimensions, measuring 4’4 in length with a volume of 44 liters, create an unparalleled experience on the water. Transitioning between movements becomes seamless, thanks to its innovative design and construction.

To start, the board’s compact size offers remarkable agility. With swift movements, riders can easily navigate through choppy waters and swiftly maneuver around obstacles. Its reduced length ensures quick turns and responsiveness, enabling riders to effortlessly transition from one direction to another. This agility is further enhanced by the board’s voluminous 44 liters, providing just the right balance of stability and maneuverability.

Moreover, the Wing Foil Board’s construction incorporates advanced materials, ensuring durability without compromising performance. Transitioning from flatwater to waves becomes an exhilarating experience, as the board’s sturdy build handles various water conditions with ease. The reinforced nose and tail enhance stability during takeoff and landing, facilitating smooth transitions between flight and water.

Transitioning from novice to expert levels is made smoother by the board’s versatility. Beginners find confidence in its stability, allowing them to progress quickly. As skills advance, riders can push the limits, exploring aerial maneuvers and advanced techniques without feeling restricted by the board’s capabilities. The 4’4x44L Wing Foil Board caters to diverse skill levels, enabling a seamless transition from learning the basics to mastering complex maneuvers.

4’4x44L Wing Foil Board

Furthermore, its compact size makes transportation and storage effortless, facilitating smooth transitions from onshore preparation to on-water action. Whether it’s a quick setup at the beach or storing the board after a session, its manageable size simplifies the process.

In essence, the 4’4x44L Wing Foil Board embodies versatility, durability, and agility. Its design facilitates effortless transitions between different skill levels, water conditions, and movements, creating an exhilarating experience for wing foiling enthusiasts seeking high performance and adaptability in a compact package.


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