Front Wing-200 Surf


A large easy rider for kitesurfing. Suitable for larger riders over 200 lbs or for slower riding in the surf for people of all sizes.

A standard for our 5’0 eFoil, offers stability, float, and speed.

One of our shop favorites.

All wings come with a protective transportation case.

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The Front Wing-200 Surf is a revolutionary addition to the world of water sports. Crafted with cutting-edge technology, this surfboard offers unparalleled performance and stability. From beginners to seasoned surfers, this board caters to all skill levels, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a thrilling surfing experience.

Firstly, the Front Wing-200 Surf boasts an innovative design that enhances maneuverability. Equipped with a sleek, aerodynamic front wing, surfers can effortlessly glide through waves, catching them with precision. This design feature not only ensures smoother transitions between waves but also amplifies the board’s responsiveness, allowing riders to execute tricks and turns with ease.

Moreover, the board’s construction incorporates high-quality materials, providing durability without compromising on flexibility. Its reinforced body can withstand rigorous waves, ensuring longevity even under challenging surfing conditions. Additionally, the lightweight composition contributes to the board’s buoyancy, facilitating swift movements and enabling surfers to maintain control effortlessly.

Furthermore, the Front Wing-200 Surf’s adaptability is a standout feature. Its versatile nature allows surfers to excel in various wave conditions, whether it’s small swells or larger, more aggressive waves. The board’s adaptability empowers surfers to explore different styles and techniques, fostering growth and progression in their surfing abilities.

Transitioning to its ergonomic design, the Front Wing-200 Surf prioritizes rider comfort. The board’s ergonomic contours and padded surface offer a comfortable platform for extended surfing sessions. This thoughtful design element minimizes fatigue, enabling surfers to focus on refining their skills and enjoying the thrill of the waves.

Front Wing-200 Surf

In conclusion, the Front Wing-200 Surf stands out as an exceptional surfboard, thanks to its innovative design, durability, adaptability, and rider-focused features. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned surfer seeking an exhilarating experience, this board is a top choice, ensuring an unparalleled and unforgettable ride on the waves.


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