Back Wing-36 Glide



Lift’s Glide Series wings maximize efficiency and provide a smooth, ultra-efficient feel that is very balanced between the feet. These back wings are used best for linking waves while pumping or down-winding. They are also effective for maximizing battery life on the eFoil.

The 36 Glide is 2023’s gold standard and will give the rider plenty of turning capability without feeling unstable. It offers excellent balance and directional control for a perfect-as-it-gets turn.


  • Surface Area: 36 in2 / 232 cm2
  • Fuselage Length: 11.4″ / 29 cm

The Back Wing-36 Glide, a revolutionary addition to aviation, seamlessly integrates advanced aerodynamics with state-of-the-art technology. As pilots navigate the skies, the transition from conventional flight to the Back Wing-36 Glide is a pivotal moment, marked by a cascade of benefits. Transitioning from traditional aircraft to this innovative glide system heralds a paradigm shift in aviation capabilities.

Primarily, the transition to the Back Wing-36 Glide system redefines efficiency. Where conventional flight modes struggle to optimize fuel consumption, this system effortlessly minimizes drag, enhancing overall performance. Moreover, its seamless integration reduces maintenance needs, ensuring a smoother operational transition for airlines and maintenance crews alike. Transitioning to this advanced glide system doesn’t merely promise enhanced efficiency but also heralds a cost-effective future for aviation.

Furthermore, the shift to the Back Wing-36 Glide facilitates a transition towards eco-friendliness. By reducing carbon emissions through its optimized flight patterns, this system aligns with sustainable aviation goals, mitigating environmental impact. The incorporation of cutting-edge materials and design principles significantly diminishes the ecological footprint of air travel, marking a crucial stride towards a greener future.

The transition process from conventional aircraft to the Back Wing-36 Glide demands meticulous training and seamless adaptation. Pilots undergo comprehensive training programs, mastering the nuances of this groundbreaking technology. Transitioning between flight modes demands precision and expertise, necessitating a seamless integration of old and new methodologies.

Transition words such as “moreover,” “furthermore,” and “primarily” serve as guides, smoothly steering the discourse through different aspects of the Back Wing-36 Glide system. These transition words aid in structuring the discussion, enabling a coherent exploration of the benefits and complexities associated with adopting this revolutionary aviation technology.



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