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Front Wing 70-High Aspect



The 70 High Aspect front wing is for advanced riders looking to maximize speed and maneuverability in more energized surf. This is also an excellent option for young rippers that are lightweight and full of talent.

Its small size does not serve the rider well for pumping long distances, but it can certainly pump to connect waves and get out in front. While the 70 High Aspect is small in surface area, the high aspect ratio and camber profile give this wing considerably more lift at a speed lower than you would expect.


  • Aspect Ratio: 12.1
  • Surface Area: 70 in2 / 452 cm2
  • Wingspan: 29.5″ / 75 cm

The front wing is a pivotal element in modern Formula 1 cars, playing a paramount role in aerodynamics and performance. The Front Wing 70-High Aspect design is a significant evolution, characterized by its unique features and capabilities.

Primarily, the Front Wing 70-High Aspect configuration emphasizes high aspect ratios, focusing on longer and narrower wing elements. These elements are meticulously crafted to generate increased downforce while minimizing drag, enhancing the car’s overall aerodynamic efficiency.


Front Wing 70-High Aspect

Transitioning from traditional front wing designs, the High Aspect variant employs intricate engineering principles. By elongating the wing’s span and reducing its width, engineers create a more efficient airflow structure. This alteration fosters smoother airflow manipulation, optimizing downforce production while mitigating the drag penalty commonly associated with broader wing setups.

Moreover, the Front Wing 70-High Aspect design integrates advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. Carbon fiber, renowned for its lightweight and robust properties, is extensively utilized in crafting these wings. This choice of material ensures structural integrity while keeping weight to a minimum, a critical factor in Formula 1 where every gram counts.

Additionally, the evolution to High Aspect front wings necessitates meticulous wind tunnel testing and computational fluid dynamics simulations. Engineers meticulously fine-tune the wing’s contours, angles, and elements to achieve the desired aerodynamic efficiency. Through iterative testing and analysis, they optimize the wing’s performance across various speed ranges and driving conditions.

Transitioning to the track, the High Aspect front wing showcases its prowess in different scenarios. During high-speed corners, it excels in generating immense downforce, aiding in vehicle stability and cornering grip. Simultaneously, in straight-line speed sections, its reduced drag characteristics bolster the car’s velocity, contributing to faster lap times.

In essence, the Front Wing 70-High Aspect represents a paradigm shift in Formula 1 aerodynamics, revolutionizing performance through its innovative design and optimized aerodynamic efficiency. As the sport continues to push the boundaries of engineering, such advancements underline the relentless pursuit of speed, efficiency, and performance excellence.


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