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Introducing the eFoil Cart


The Efoil Cart is Custom made to snuggly fit over your Efoil.  We cover most Efoil models, as listed in the table below.  If your board dimensions are not listed, please let us know and we will add your board to the list for no additional cost.

The Efoil Cart comes in four sizes. It fits Lift foils, Fliteboard, Waydoo, Takuma, Audi E-Tron, WaveShark, Getfoil, JetSurf, Hover Foil, and many more. See below for your size chart

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An ingenious solution to effortlessly transport your eFoils and jetboards from storage to the water, as well as batteries, remotes and tools. This foldable cart is designed with convenience in mind, providing a seamless and efficient way to bring your aquatic adventure to life.

Effortless Transportation: Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying your eFoil or jetboard to the water. The eFoil Cart V2 is a foldable and compact transport companion, making it easy to move your equipment with minimal effort. The sturdy construction ensures reliable support, giving you peace of mind as you navigate your way to the waves.

Additional compartments for: eFoil battery, remotes, Tools & even your beach towel.

Foldable Design for Easy Storage: When not in use, the eFoil Cart conveniently folds down, allowing for compact storage in your garage, shed, or vehicle. Its space-saving design ensures that you can keep your transport solution handy without sacrificing precious storage space.

Balloon Wheels for Beach Transport (additional): Take your eFoil experience to the beach with optional balloon wheels. The eFoil Cart can be equipped with these specialized wheels, providing optimal buoyancy and ease of movement on sandy shores. Now you can effortlessly roll your eFoil over dunes and sandy terrain, unlocking a whole new world of waterfront exploration.

Sturdy and Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the eFoil Cart boasts a robust frame that can withstand the rigors of transporting water equipment. The high-quality materials ensure longevity, making this cart a reliable companion for your eFoil adventures for years to come.

Compatible with Various Watercraft: Whether you own an eFoil or a jetboard, the eFoil Cart V2 is designed to accommodate a variety of watercraft. Its adjustable features and versatile design make it a universal solution for transporting different models, providing flexibility for water enthusiasts with diverse preferences.

Streamline Your Watersports Experience: Streamline your pre- and post-ride routine with the eFoil Cart. Embrace the freedom to explore more, worry less about logistics, and make the most of every moment on the water.


Efoil Board
Cart Size
Lift e3 Explorer 4
Lift e3 e4 Cruiser 3
Lift e3 e4 Sport 2
Lift e3 e4 Pro 1
Lift 5’6 E1 (2018) 3
Lift 5’0 E1 (2018) 2
Lift e2 Explorer (2019) 4
Lift e2 Cruiser (2019) 3
Lift e2 Sport (2019) 2
Lift e2 Pro (2019) 1
Additional eFoil Brands and Jetboards
Fliteboard Series 2 Air 4
Fliteboard Series 2 4
Fliteboard Series 2 Pro 2
Fliteboard Series 2 Ultra 1
Fliteboard Series 3 Air 4
Fliteboard Series 3 4
Fliteboard Series 3 Pro 2
Fliteboard Series 3 Ultra 1
Fliteboard Air 2019 4 (if deflated)
Fliteboard 2019 4
Fliteboard Pro 2019 2
Hover Foil H5 2020 4
Fliteboard MN60 Wave 1
Fliteboard MNMN86 3
Fliteboard MN60 3
Waydoo One (2020) 3
Waydoo Flyer one 3
Waydoo Flyer one Plus (Carbon Edition) 3
Waydoo Flyer one Plus (EPP Edition) 3
Audi e-tron foil Adventure 4
Audi e-tron foil Performance 2
Takuma Cruising & Cruising V2 4
Takuma Carver & Carver V2 3
Takuma 2020 4
WaveShark Explorer 3
WaveShark Sport 2
VeConcept VeCarve 6.0 (2019) 4
Waviator Flyer (2020) 4
Foil 3
Foil X 2
Foil R 2
PWR Foil 2
Jetboards (Side Fins must be off) Cart Size
Radinn X-Sport 4
Radinn FreeRide 4
Radinn Element 4
Electric Surfboards (Side Fins must be off) Cart Size
Waveshark Jetboard 2 Explorer 4
Waveshark Jetboard 2 Sport 4
Jetsurf Adventure DFI 4
Jetsurf Adventure DFI+ 4
Jetsurf Race DFI 4
Jetsurf Titanium DFI 4
Jetsurf Electric 4
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Transitioning from an eFoil Cart-Jetboard-Cart wheels-all brands offers a thrilling shift in aquatic experiences. Both devices epitomize cutting-edge water sports technology, each with its distinct allure and adrenaline-inducing escapades. However, considering the convenience of transportation, the transition from an eFoil to a Jetboard often prompts the necessity for reliable carts equipped with specialized wheels, and various brands cater to these needs.

eFoils, known for their smooth glides atop water surfaces, offer a serene and almost ethereal experience. The transition from the eFoil to land, though, often requires a sturdy cart designed with precision. Notably, brands like eFoilCart provide robust carts equipped with terrain-adaptive wheels, facilitating effortless transportation from water to land. These carts ensure seamless mobility, allowing enthusiasts to transition from the majestic water ride to ground travel without hassle.

eFoil Cart-Jetboard-Cart wheels-all brands

Conversely, the Jetboard, with its high-speed thrills and agile maneuvers, demands a different kind of support when not in action. Transitioning from the Jetboard to land necessitates a cart that can accommodate its unique design and weight distribution. Brands such as JetboardCart excel in providing carts specifically engineered to handle Jetboards of various makes and models. Their carts boast specialized wheels that ensure stability and ease when moving the Jetboard across diverse terrains.

In the realm of water sports accessories, the importance of reliable carts cannot be overstated. These carts, equipped with wheels tailored to handle different surfaces, bridge the gap between the exhilarating water adventures and terrestrial transport. Various brands, including Lift Foils, Radinn, and Fliteboard, offer their unique carts and wheel designs tailored for their respective products. Lift Foils, for instance, presents sturdy carts with all-terrain wheels suitable for their eFoil models, ensuring effortless transitions from water to land and back.

Ultimately, the transition from eFoil to Jetboard necessitates versatile carts equipped with specialized wheels to complement the unique features of these watercraft. With a range of brands offering purpose-built carts, enthusiasts can seamlessly transition between the thrill of aquatic adventures and the convenience of ground transportation.


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Baloon Wheels

Additional Baloon Wheels, includes stainless steel shaft and hardware