Front Wing-200 High Aspect



If you are looking for the best efficiency of any wing on the market with that signature Lift speed and maneuverability, look no further. Our High Aspect lineup has made its mark on foil riders of all kinds – surf, sail, wake, and eFoil. Lift’s High Aspect Series front wings are ultra-tuned for performance, so we encourage entry-level riders to start with the Surf Series front wing lineup.

The 200 High Aspect Front Wing offers an ideal middle ground for float without too much drag, so you can keep up your speed and connect on every wave available. This wing does it all.

For our eFoils, this wing will give you serious ride time. Just try to run down a full battery on these, we dare you.

The 200 High Aspect comes with our premium wing bag, for protection and easy transport. Back wings sold separately.


  • Aspect Ratio: 6.8
  • Surface Area: 200 in2 / 1290 cm2
  • Wingspan: 37″
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The Front Wing-200 High Aspect represents a significant leap in aerodynamic design for racing cars. With its sleek contours and innovative structure, this wing aims to optimize downforce while minimizing drag. Transitioning from conventional wing designs to the High Aspect model presents a paradigm shift in racing technology.

Primarily, the Front Wing-200 High Aspect capitalizes on its unique features. Unlike traditional wings, it boasts a narrower chord length and elongated wingspan, enhancing its aspect ratio. This alteration facilitates smoother airflow over the car’s body, promoting superior handling and increased speed. Furthermore, the incorporation of advanced materials like carbon fiber ensures optimal strength-to-weight ratio, contributing to heightened performance on the track.

In terms of aerodynamic efficiency, the transition to the Front Wing-200 High Aspect is a game-changer. By virtue of its elongated shape, it fosters laminar airflow, reducing turbulent resistance encountered by previous wing models. This transition from turbulent to laminar airflow is instrumental in enhancing the vehicle’s stability during high-speed maneuvers, thereby augmenting overall race performance.

Moreover, the adaptability of the Front Wing-200 High Aspect is noteworthy. Its design allows for customization and fine-tuning, empowering racing teams to tailor the wing’s settings to diverse track conditions and driving styles. Transitioning from one configuration to another becomes seamless, empowering teams to optimize performance based on the specific demands of each race circuit.

In the grand scheme of racing technology, adopting the Front Wing-200 High Aspect marks a pivotal moment. This transition signifies a departure from conventional thinking, embracing a new era of aerodynamic excellence. The wing’s integration into the racing world represents a commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring innovative avenues for achieving optimal performance on the track.

Front Wing-200 High Aspect

In conclusion, the Front Wing-200 High Aspect isn’t merely a modification; it’s a transformative leap in racing aerodynamics. Its transition heralds a new chapter in the pursuit of speed, precision, and competitive edge, setting the stage for a thrilling evolution in racing car design and performance.


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