USED-200sq” Front/40sq Back SurfV1

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This wing set has virtually no marks on it, see photos. A perfect choice for your starter surfing / Kite / SUP / Wing progress.


the 200 Surf V1 – Front Wing (200sq” area)

An industry favorite for surfing. Its design offers an excellent balance of lift, speed, and maneuverability.

An easy and stable ride for the eFoil. A standard with our 5’6 Cruiser and 6’2 Explorer boards, offering more stability for a great ride.


40 Back Wing (40sq” area)

The range most versatile tail wing. Pairs well with the 150 Surf and larger sizes

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The USED-200sq” Front/40sq Back SurfV1 surfboard is a unique amalgamation of design and functionality, boasting a distinctive blend of features that cater to both beginners and seasoned surfers. Its exceptional characteristics make it a sought-after choice among wave enthusiasts.

Primarily, the front and back square inches play a pivotal role in the board’s performance. With 200 square inches on the front and 40 square inches on the back, this board achieves a remarkable equilibrium, enabling optimal stability and control. This balance is further complemented by its transitional capabilities.

To begin with, the larger front surface area facilitates buoyancy and easier paddling, allowing riders to catch waves effortlessly. Transitioning seamlessly from the paddling phase to catching waves becomes fluid due to this enhanced surface area. Additionally, the increased front area ensures a smoother ride and improved stability when riding the face of the wave.

In contrast, the smaller 40-square-inch back surface area contributes to the board’s maneuverability and responsiveness. This reduction in the rear area allows for quicker turns and agile movements, empowering surfers to navigate the wave with precision. The transition from riding straight to executing sharp turns is seamless, thanks to this optimized design.

Moreover, the blend of these two contrasting surface areas facilitates an adaptable surfing experience. Transitioning between different styles, such as cruising on smaller waves or maneuvering through larger swells, is effortless with this board. The larger front surface aids in catching smaller waves, while the smaller back area facilitates tighter turns and maneuvers in larger, more challenging conditions.


USED-200sq” Front/40sq Back SurfV1

Ultimately, the USED-200sq” Front/40sq Back SurfV1 surfboard’s distinctiveness lies in its harmonious blend of these surface areas. It allows surfers to transition effortlessly between various surfing techniques, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking versatility and performance in their surfing adventures.



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Used, 2nd Hand and ex-Demo Hydrofoil Gear

$1,550.00 Original price was: $1,550.00.$499.00Current price is: $499.00.