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Front Wing-150 High Aspect-X



The 150 High Aspect X has been our most anticipated and requested wing to date. The ace of spades for downwind foiling enthusiasts. This wing has the speed of the 120 HA with the pump (or more) of the 170 HA.

With a wingspan of 39 inches, this wing is a true glider, but don’t let the wingspan fool you. The 150 High Aspect X can still lean into a nice carve when needed and is user-friendly to ride. We expect this wing to be a staple in the Lift lineup for many years to come.


  • Aspect Ratio: 10.1
  • Surface Area: 150 in2 / 970 cm2
  • Wingspan: 39″ / 99 cm

The Front Wing-150 High Aspect-X is a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of aerodynamics. Transitioning from conventional designs, this wing represents a leap forward in performance, efficiency, and adaptability.

Firstly, the Front Wing-150 High Aspect-X introduces a sleek and streamlined structure, characterized by its elongated span and reduced chord. This configuration not only enhances aerodynamic efficiency but also facilitates smoother airflow over the wing surface. Consequently, it reduces drag, thereby optimizing the overall performance of the vehicle.

Moreover, the incorporation of advanced materials such as carbon fiber contributes significantly to the wing’s rigidity and lightness. Consequently, this minimizes weight without compromising strength, ensuring superior handling and responsiveness on the track.

Transitioning to its adaptability, the Front Wing-150 High Aspect-X offers adjustability features that allow engineers and drivers to fine-tune its angle of attack and overall configuration. This adaptability proves pivotal in varying track conditions, providing drivers with the flexibility to optimize downforce levels for different corners and straights, thereby maximizing speed and stability.

In addition, this wing’s innovative design seamlessly integrates with the vehicle’s overall aerodynamic profile, creating a harmonious airflow management system. Transitioning smoothly from the frontal area, it efficiently directs air towards the rear aerodynamic elements, enhancing overall downforce and stability.

Furthermore, the Front Wing-150 High Aspect-X undergoes meticulous computational fluid dynamics simulations and wind tunnel testing. These rigorous evaluations ensure that the wing’s performance aligns with the highest standards of precision and effectiveness.

Conclusively, the Front Wing-150 High Aspect-X stands at the forefront of aerodynamic innovation. Transitioning from traditional designs, it sets a new benchmark for performance, adaptability, and efficiency in the realm of motorsports. Its groundbreaking features and seamless integration make it a pivotal component in enhancing a vehicle’s on-track performance and overall competitiveness.

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