Wind Wing Foil Board-Wingfoil


The Cloud 9 Wind Wing Board ranges from the 5′, 60 ltr through to the 5’4, 105 ltr, which are perfect all-rounders for all styles of wind foiling or wing foiling.


  • 5’0 / 65 ltr
  • 5’2 / 90ltr
  • 5’4 / 105ltr


Design And Shape:

Australian Made, Hawaiian designed by Blain Chambers. This Wing Board over-delivers in every aspect, easy pop-up and its epoxy built, so buoyancy is very high, whilst still lightweight but strong enough to take on even the biggest of jumps.

Deck And Straps:

Creatures deck grips included and strap inserts to suit a natural and/or goofy stance make our range of Wind Wing Boards perfect for beginners to experienced riders.

Works with:

Our Wind Foiling Boards and the Cloud 9 Wind Wings work with our full range of Hydrofoil set ups, see our shop. Get the most out of this board with the original Wind Wing or the New Wind Wings V3 and SLE.



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Wind Wing Foil Board-Wingfoil, a relatively new water sport, merges elements of windsurfing, kiteboarding, and foiling. At its core, it’s about harnessing the wind’s power while riding a hydrofoil board. The sport’s appeal lies in its blend of excitement and grace, offering enthusiasts an exhilarating experience on the water.

To begin, understanding the equipment is crucial. The wind wing, a handheld sail, serves as the driving force behind wing foiling. This lightweight, inflatable wing catches the wind, propelling riders across the water’s surface. Paired with a foil board, designed with a hydrofoil beneath the surface, the combination allows riders to rise above the water, minimizing drag and creating a smooth, almost magical sensation of flying.

Transitioning from traditional water sports, such as windsurfing or kiteboarding, to wing foiling requires some adjustment. However, once riders grasp the fundamentals, the learning curve becomes an enjoyable challenge. Initially, mastering balance while handling the wing and controlling the board can be daunting. Nonetheless, perseverance pays off as riders begin to intuitively anticipate the wind’s nuances, adjusting their movements to harness its power effectively.

Moreover, the versatility of wing foiling contributes to its growing popularity. Whether in flat water or waves, this sport adapts, offering thrills for riders across various skill levels. Transitioning from cruising along calm waters to riding swells presents an exciting shift in dynamics, providing opportunities for advanced maneuvers and aerial tricks.

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Wind Wing Foil Board-Wingfoil

Ultimately, the allure of wing foiling lies in its fusion of wind-powered excitement and the ethereal sensation of gliding above the water. As enthusiasts explore its possibilities, the sport continues to evolve, captivating riders with its unique blend of challenge and freedom.


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