4’4Pro eFoil(ex-Demo)-2nd hand Board

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The 4’4 Pro – ex-Demo **board only**

I am selling my own 4’4 to make room for more gear. Has been ridden very little and apart from a couple of demos it has only been ridden by me.

From Liftfoils own words:

“At first glance, the small size might seem intimidating, but riders worldwide have had nothing but success in getting to their feet and up on foil.

Anybody who rides the pro board has a hard time going back to anything else because the sensation is unworldly.

This board is everything foiling should be and definitely the direction of the sport–it’s compact size makes you feel like you’re flying on nothing at all and the response in its carve is the most liberating feeling you can have on the water.

This is the lightest board in the range, and really easy to handle for transport and getting around.”

  • This board is sold as – BOARD ONLY
  • (inc ESC Box, can also be sold without, please inquire)
  • for additional gear like Propulsion and battery please get in touch
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The 4’4Pro eFoil, available as an ex-demo second-hand board, stands out as a remarkable piece of technology. Firstly, its streamlined design captivates enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating aquatic experience. Transitioning from traditional surfboards to this cutting-edge eFoil, riders embark on a journey propelled by innovation.

At first glance, the board’s sleek contours immediately evoke a sense of sophistication. Its robust yet lightweight construction not only ensures durability but also promises agility on the water. Transitioning from static to dynamic, this board embodies the epitome of fluidity in motion.

Moreover, the 4’4Pro eFoil’s state-of-the-art propulsion system seamlessly integrates with the board’s structure, granting riders an unprecedented level of control. Transitioning effortlessly between gentle glides and thrilling accelerations, this board caters to both beginners and seasoned riders alike.

Transitioning to the board’s technological prowess, its advanced battery-powered propulsion system merits attention. Equipped with cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries, riders can enjoy prolonged sessions without compromising performance. Moreover, the board’s intuitive controls facilitate a smooth transition from learning the basics to mastering intricate maneuvers.

Furthermore, this second-hand 4’4Pro eFoil board presents an enticing opportunity for enthusiasts seeking premium quality at a more accessible price point. Transitioning from a demonstration model to a personal possession, it carries the allure of adventure and exploration while accommodating budget-conscious individuals.

In addition to its technological finesse, the board’s adaptability to various water conditions remains a standout feature. Whether navigating tranquil lakes or challenging ocean waves, the 4’4Pro eFoil offers a seamless transition in performance, ensuring an exhilarating experience in diverse settings.

Transitioning to the board’s availability as an ex-demo model, prospective buyers gain the advantage of a board that has been tested and refined, potentially minimizing any early technical concerns. This transition from showroom model to the hands of a new owner promises both value and reliability.

In conclusion, the 4’4Pro eFoil (ex-Demo) 2nd hand board embodies a seamless transition between innovation and accessibility. With its cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and adaptability, this board caters to the aspirations of water sports enthusiasts, promising an electrifying ride on every wave.


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$8,950.00 Original price was: $8,950.00.$5,750.00Current price is: $5,750.00.

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