SLE-Silver Lining Edition WindWing




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Stiffer, lighter, stronger and more responsive.

The SLE Ho’okipa Advantage

Ho’okipa is a composite material designed by Challenge Sailcloth which is 25% lighter and x10 stronger than traditional materials currently used in the wing market today.
By replacing the use of Dacron to our leading edge and strut with Ho’okipa we have now created a wing that is stiffer, lighter, stronger and more responsive. The weight reduction can be felt instantly making the wing highly responsive. This improves control and allows for a broader use in a wider range of wind conditions, giving the rider a huge advantage in performance.

Another benefit of using Ho’okipa is being able to inflate your wing to a significantly higher pressure, delivering more control making the wing extremely rigid. The stiffer wing frame offers a quicker response to the power delivery unlike Dacron which absorbs energy through flex. This gives it more power when compared to a wing of similar size allowing you to ride a smaller wing in the same conditions.

HOOKIPA – the lightest and strongest fabric in the market to date.
– 15 times stronger than steel
– 2 times lighter than carbon
– Waterproof .. and it floats

SLE Hard handles from CloudIX

The SLE has longer hard handles as seen in yellow. The handles are carbon covered in webbing to give you a more comfortable ride and power options without having to take your hands on and off to adjust.
There is also a long soft handle in between the two hard handles, an option for one handed freestyle flying options.

Another advantage of the SLE is a wider wind range from 8 – 16+ knots. A stiff and very light canopy provide ajn ease of handling which is perfect for all wind conditions. You’ll need less wings to cover all wind conditions.


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The SLE-Silver Lining Edition WindWing represents a revolutionary advancement in sustainable energy solutions. With its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, this turbine not only harnesses the power of the wind but also integrates innovative features for heightened efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Firstly, the SLE WindWing stands out due to its state-of-the-art aerodynamic design. Unlike traditional turbines, it maximizes wind capture by utilizing a streamlined structure. Consequently, it can harness wind energy even at lower speeds, making it a highly efficient and reliable energy source in various geographic locations. Moreover, this design minimizes noise pollution, offering a more harmonious integration into both urban and natural landscapes.

Transitioning into its technological advancements, the integration of smart sensors and AI algorithms sets the SLE WindWing apart. These sensors continually monitor wind patterns and turbine performance, allowing for real-time adjustments to optimize energy production. Additionally, the AI algorithms analyze data to predict wind behavior, enabling proactive adjustments in blade angles for optimal efficiency, especially during variable wind conditions.

Furthermore, the materials used in constructing the SLE WindWing emphasize durability and sustainability. Advanced composite materials not only enhance the turbine’s longevity but also reduce its carbon footprint during production. These materials are recyclable, aligning with the goal of a more circular and eco-friendly economy.

Another key feature of the SLE WindWing is its seamless integration with energy storage systems. This integration enables the turbine to store excess energy during peak production times and supply it when demand is high or wind conditions are suboptimal. This ensures a consistent and reliable energy output, contributing to grid stability and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

SLE-Silver Lining Edition WindWing

In conclusion, the SLE WindWing represents a paradigm shift in wind turbine technology. Its aerodynamic design, technological sophistication, sustainable materials, and integrated energy storage capabilities collectively position it as a frontrunner in the pursuit of renewable energy solutions. This innovative turbine not only generates clean energy but also exemplifies a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship, offering a promising silver lining in the realm of renewable energy.


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