Back Wing-20 Carve



Lift’s Carve Series back wings feature a shorter fuselage length, winglets, and a positive angle on the tail wing. This allows for razor sharp turns, lots of grip, and a more feedback off the front foot. The Carve Series are high performance wings, but specifically for surfing and driving through tight turns.

The 20 Carve is the smallest back wing in our fleet, which makes surfing feel extremely lively. If you want to slash some aggressive turns and you like the tail feeling extremely light with low drag, this is it.


  • Surface Area: 20 in2 / 129 cm2
  • Fuselage Length: 7.7″ / 19.6 cm

The Back Wing-20 Carve, an innovative addition to the realm of skateboarding, exemplifies cutting-edge design and functionality. Its aerodynamic shape enhances control, while its lightweight composition facilitates agile maneuvers. Transitioning seamlessly between movements, this wing is engineered for fluidity.

Primarily, the Back Wing-20 Carve stands out due to its adaptability. With its versatile design, skaters effortlessly transition from straight-line cruising to intricate tricks. The transition is as smooth as the wing’s curvature, allowing skaters to seamlessly move from one style to another without compromising stability.

Moreover, this wing facilitates an effortless flow between various skateboarding techniques. As skaters transition from ollies to kickflips, the Back Wing-20 Carve provides the necessary stability during the process. Its transitional prowess enables skaters to execute complex sequences with grace and precision.

Transitioning between terrains becomes a breeze with the Back Wing-20 Carve. Whether gliding along smooth pavements or navigating rougher surfaces, the wing’s adaptability ensures a consistent riding experience. Transitioning from urban streets to skateparks feels effortless, allowing skaters to maintain momentum and control.

Additionally, the wing’s incorporation of high-quality materials ensures a seamless transition in performance across different environments. Its durability allows skaters to push boundaries without fear of wear and tear, ensuring a smooth transition from intense sessions to everyday use.

Notably, the Back Wing-20 Carve facilitates a seamless transition for riders of varying skill levels. Novices find its stability and ease of use comforting as they transition into mastering basic maneuvers. Simultaneously, seasoned skaters appreciate its responsiveness and ability to adapt to their evolving skill sets.

Ultimately, the Back Wing-20 Carve redefines skateboarding by seamlessly transitioning between styles, terrains, and skill levels. Its adaptability, fluidity, and durability set a new standard in the skateboarding world, offering riders a smooth transition into a realm of limitless possibilities.

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