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Front Wing-110 High Aspect-X



The 110 High Aspect X is our highest aspect wing to date. It’s as fast as the 90 HA with the pump of the 120 HA. If you have the skills to master this wing, it will provide unmatched pumping and downwind efficiency.

It demands to be ridden at a quick pace, but the glide it gives in return is relentless. This wing is sure to win a downwind race or two.


  • Aspect Ratio: 13.1
  • Surface Area: 110 in2 / 710 cm2
  • Wingspan: 38″ / 96.5 cm

The Front Wing-110 High Aspect-X is a revolutionary innovation in aerodynamics, engineered to redefine the performance and efficiency of racing cars. Crafted with meticulous precision, this wing boasts an exceptionally high aspect ratio, a defining characteristic that sets it apart from conventional designs. Transitioning from traditional wings to this cutting-edge model heralds a significant leap in vehicle dynamics.

Front Wing-110 High Aspect-X

Primarily, the Front Wing-110 High Aspect-X amplifies downforce while minimizing drag, resulting in superior aerodynamic efficiency. Transitioning from older designs, where compromises between downforce and drag were inherent, this wing seamlessly integrates both elements to enhance overall performance. Its slender yet expansive design optimizes airflow, facilitating a smoother transition over the car’s body, reducing turbulent air and augmenting stability.

Transitioning through different racing conditions, this wing demonstrates unparalleled adaptability. Be it navigating sharp corners or accelerating on long straights, the High Aspect-X effortlessly modulates downforce levels. The transition between high and low downforce settings is seamless, enabling drivers to fine-tune handling characteristics to suit diverse track layouts without compromising speed.

Moreover, this wing’s design transition is pivotal in enhancing overtaking maneuvers. Its high aspect ratio creates a wake that minimizes disturbance to the trailing car, promoting closer racing without compromising performance. The smooth transition of airflow over the wing minimizes the disruptive effects on the following vehicle, allowing for strategic drafting and better wheel-to-wheel combat on the track.


Moreover Transitioning from prior models, the Front Wing-110 High Aspect-X encapsulates the epitome of advanced engineering and aerodynamic finesse. Its integration marks a pivotal transition in racing technology, redefining the benchmarks for downforce, drag reduction, and overall performance. As the racing world transitions towards sustainability and efficiency, this wing stands as a testament to the ongoing evolution and innovation within motorsports, paving the way for future developments and advancements in aerodynamics.


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