Surf Foil Board(Prone)-Surffoil


This Epoxy Carbon Prone Foil Board is specifically shaped and designed inside and out to precisely meet the exact requirements of Surf Foiling.

The Cloud 9 foil board is handcrafted in Australia by Blane Chambers, one of the leading manufacturing companies on the Gold Coast. The carbon foil board is not only light but super strong and resilient.


All are fitted with strap inserts if you want to take your game to the air. Made to the highest quality and designed for performance and handling, the Cloud 9 difference is clear!

Level up hours of experience when you combine your Epoxy Carbon Prone Hydrofoil Board with either one of our carbon or aluminium foiling kits that feature our renowned carbon wings and superior wind wings.


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Surf Foil Board(Prone)-Surffoil, especially in the prone position, unveils a whole new dimension of aquatic exhilaration. This innovative approach to riding waves is a testament to the seamless fusion of skill, technology, and nature’s forces. Transitioning from traditional surfing to the foil board realm marks an evolutionary leap in aquatic adventure.


Surf Foil Board(Prone)-Surffoil

Primarily, mastering the prone position on a surf foil board requires finesse and adaptability. Initially, the transition might seem daunting, yet with persistence, the learning curve becomes an adventure in itself. Subsequently, the rider’s weight distribution and subtle movements on the board become second nature, enabling a symbiotic dance with the waves.

As one begins to catch the wave’s energy, the board’s hydrofoil elevates the experience to unparalleled heights. Gradually, the sensation of effortlessly gliding above the water’s surface amplifies the thrill, transforming the familiar into the extraordinary. Transitioning from riding the wave’s surface to soaring above it grants an indescribable sense of freedom and connection to the ocean’s pulse.

Transitioning from waves of different sizes and forms is where the true artistry of surf foiling unfolds. Whether it’s navigating gentle swells or daringly conquering larger waves, the transition is seamless. With every shift in the ocean’s rhythm, riders adeptly adjust their position on the board, seamlessly transitioning from one wave to the next.

Furthermore, the surf foil board’s versatility extends beyond the waves themselves. Its adaptability allows for transitions between different water conditions, from calm seas to choppy waters, broadening the scope of where the thrill can be sought. This flexibility encourages surfers to explore new coastal landscapes and embrace diverse surfing environments.

In essence, transitioning to a prone position on a surf foil board ushers in a new era of wave riding. The fluidity of movement, the thrill of flight, and the intimate connection with the ocean redefine the surfing experience. This evolution represents not just a transition in technique but a leap into a realm where the boundaries between water and air blur, offering an adventure that transcends the conventional.

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